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Stéphane Bonutto, Head of Finance
Oerlikon Balzers Europe 

I have had the chance to first meet Jutta Schweiger, the founder of C. Creativity Club, in November 2021, when she hold a keynote speech at an Open Space Webinar about diversity management, presenting the Thought Diversity concept (“Denkdiversität”).

I have been immediately enthused by this concept and booked my participation to a webinar in February 2022, where Jutta established the individual thought diversity profiles of the participants.

I have been more than convinced by the benefit of the Thought Diversity webinar I have attended. Jutta first explained the different Thought Diversity patterns in a very structured and clear manner. The following discussion about the different revealed thought diversity profiles proved extremely fruitful to understand how to leverage these profiles, in order to form high performance creative teams.

Jutta possesses highly developed facilitation skills and knows how to create a trustful and productive work environment among her seminar participants.

After this seminar, I have immediately started using my learnings to recognize the thought profiles of my team members, in order to further improve my team performance and to enhance my personal empathetic leadership style.

I can only warmly recommend the participation to the Thought Diversity seminar to leaders of creative projects, in order to best staff their team and deliver superior results.

Stéphane Bonutto

Head of Finance, Oerlikon Balzers Europe

March 15th, 2021

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